Janae Ward-Massey
Janae Massey
Trains for the public

Horse Training

The Youree Ranch has a great reputation in training barrel horses for the long haul. This means we train your horse to last a lifetime! Barrel racing is a passion at the Youree Ranch. For over 70 years we have been breaking and training barrel horses for competition. People that leave their horses at the Youree Ranch walk away feeling confident that their horse is in good hands. The hands of professionals that have won thousands of dollars running the cloverleaf pattern. At the Youree Ranch, solid fundamentals are trained into each horse, slowly and at a rate your horse can handle. There is no time limit at the Youree Ranch. From start to finish your horse will be complete and ready to compete at home or on the road. Multiple horse discounts available. Indoor and outdoor facilities.

We gladly welcome your phone calls.
(580) 439-5548

We now have new and improved horse training facilities in Addington, Okla. where Renee' Ward, Janae Ward-Massey, Cassie Ward-Ambrose and Kylie Ward-Weast are training. Kylie is training for Namgis Quarter Horses and Cassie, Janae, and Renee are training for the public.

Contact information:
♦ Renee' Ward @ 580-656-1982, email: [email protected]

♦ Janae Massey @ 580-606-0555, email: [email protected]

♦ Cassie Ambrose @ 580-656-0076, email: [email protected]

♦ Kylie Weast
@ 580-656-0077, email: [email protected]

Cassie Ward-Ambrose
Cassie Ambrose
Training for the public

Kylie Weast
Kylie Weast,
Training for Namgis Quarter Horses